Bedroom Systems

There are two main types of wardrobe construction. You will find different companies stick to one method, and the quality can vary hugely. At Interior Designs we always recommend full carcass robes unless in a angled bedroom where sometimes this is not possible.

When you’re looking for any kind of new fitted wardrobe solutions, it is also important to understand the way they are constructed or built, instead of finding out once they are completed.

This is why we explain to all customers at the point of making your appointment about the products which we sell and show you face to face if possible. We are proud of what we offer so have nothing to hide.

The two most used methods of wardrobe construction are either full carcass or front framed we offer both. Understanding the difference between these methods can help you in your wardrobe design journey, as both have benefits.

Carcass Wardrobes

Here at Interior Designs NE Ltd, we use by default the carcass wardrobe method as it offers the best quality and bespoke storage options.

Our carcass wardrobes are designed and constructed with solid 18mm panels ONLY (we do NOT use thinner materials such as 4mm ply for backs, tops or sides) every panel even the backs, are constructed using 18mm materials. This ensures a strong, stable cabinet that stands the test of time.

All wardrobes come with an internal top, bottom, sides and back panel. Creating a full carcass, box like wardrobe that completely covers all walls, floor, and ceiling within each robe.

With Carcass wardrobes, all internal fittings such as shelves, hanging rails, internal drawers and shoe storage are made to fit perfectly regardless of the size of each robe. This means you can tailor the storage space exactly to your needs.

As the interior of the wardrobe is completely enclosed it helps to make the wardrobe more stable and saves on having to paint the internal walls every few year to keep them clean and mark free.

Example of internal Carcass system before doors fitted, All shelves and hanging set to heights requested by customers.
Same Wardrobes with doors fitted

Front Framed Wardrobes

The front frame system, like it’s name suggests, is a system that just creates a front frame of the wardrobe.

So, this method creates a supporting frame to which the doors are hung from, with no internal carcass. The clear difference with front frame is when you open a front framed wardrobe, you will see your bedroom walls which is why over time these may need decorating as marks appear on the bare walls.

You can still have the internal storage you require for your clothes and other possessions; they just won’t be fully enclosed internally compared to a carcass wardrobe.

At Interior Designs we only use this method where there are limitations to fitting large carcasses, like when getting the large 18mm panels up tight stairs cases / spiral staircases or in rooms such as loft or angled bedrooms which do not lend themselves to a carcass robe.

Typically, a front framed wardrobe, with no back or side panels, the walls often need to be prepped before the wardrobe is fitted as this is on show internally and touching your clothing.

Which option is best for you?

At Interior Designs NE Ltd we can build wardrobes using either method, depending on the installation and customer requirements, however, it is our opinion, carcass wardrobes provide the neatest, strongest and most long-lasting solution for built-in wardrobes. Which come with soft close hinges on all doors and drawers.

Our staff can knowledgeably advise you on the options available and will recommend the best solution for your bedroom needs.

If you have and question regarding the construction of any of our products including our bedrooms and kitchens we will be more than happy to answer them. Please feel free to email or call in and see us face to face.