Glendale Vanilla Textured Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Vanilla Textured, Glendale is a sophisticated classic design ideal for any home. For individually shaped rooms the classic simplicity of Glendale creates a perfectly fitted environment with its own personality.

Shown in the image is our angled doors which are made to fit your angle perfectly.

As a made to measure bedroom the design can be made in around 50 different vinyl colours.


glendale-a glendale-c


Angled or sloped rooms are designed using the front frame system, this gives the most storage space but also give a neater finish around the contours of your bedroom. Front frame is just that a framework which is built to the front of the robes and does not come with backs as standard. Examples of this are shown in our sh sunderland showroom.

We have so many kitchen and bedrooms on hand that have the potential to improve your home. The above only illustrates a small selection, but to find out about additional ranges just give us a call on 0191 548 1092