Handless Kitchen Collection

Most of the Remo range is now available in Matt and Gloss finishes, we can also do these in paint to order colours, however this does take 3 weeks. Handless Kitchen is a great way to keep things sleek and modern.

A small selection of the handless range we offer is shown below. If you have a particular colour in mind please contact us on 0191 5481092 as we also do a paint to order range.

remo-matt-graphite-and-porcelain   Remo Handless Graphite MATT and Porcelain MATT Kitchen

tomba  Tomba Handless Gloss White Kitchen

jazi-gloss-pink-sparkle   Jazi Handless Pink Sparkle Gloss Paint to order Kitchen

remo-dove-grey-f  Remo Handless Dove Grey Gloss Kitchen

Remo_Cashmere2  Remo Handless Cashmere Gloss Kitchen

Jazi-Silver-Grey Jazi Handless Silver Grey Gloss Kitchen

Remo_Silver_Grey   Remo Handless Silver Grey Gloss Kitchen

remo_alabaster_1_53bd3c8c  Remo Handless Alabaster Gloss Kitchen

Remo_Large  Remo Handless White Gloss Kitchen

Remo_Matt_White_extra1  Remo Handless Matt White Kitchen

Remo Elm  Remo Handless Elm Kitchen

main-tombapainttoordergloss   Tomba Handless Painted Kitchen

jazi-gloss-aubergine-   Jazi Aubergine Gloss Handless Kitchen

remo_painted  Remo Handless Painted Kitchen

Remo_Beige_large  Remo Handless Beige Gloss Kitchen

jazi-gloss-metallic-champagne   Jazi Metallic Champagne Gloss Handless Kitchen

remoglossalmondandchalkblue  Remo Handless Paint to Order Gloss or Matt Kitchen

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