Portree Matt Indigo Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Portree Matt Indigo is right up there with one of our favourite colours for 2021. Portree Matt Indigo lends itself to both fitted Bedroom and office furniture as shown in the image. Navy colours are defiantly here to stay. This door is complimented by our Chrome Pewter Lany Bar Handle which gives a touch of class and elegance.

Portree Matt Indigo is also very popular in our fitted kitchens.

This design features open shelving units for easy access storage, making a otherwise plain wall a feature with still allowing the illusion of space.

All electrical, plastering and plumbing works can be carried out by our team at Interior Designs to give you the all round perfect job.

Please note none of our furniture are flat pack or have thinner ply backs, everything we make is solid 18mm.

In the Matt Indigo there are over 30 designs/patterns to choose from on the doors, which are all the same price.

Portree Matt Indigo

We have so many kitchen and bedrooms on hand that have the potential to improve your home. The above only illustrates a small selection, but to find out about additional ranges just give us a call on 0191 548 1092

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