Supply Only Kitchens

Here at Interior Designs we specialise in made to order kitchens and bedrooms and studies, we can make the most of any space you have down to the mm in all Supply only kitchens or fully fitted kitchens

This section of the website shows just a few examples and prices of supply only kitchen designs.

The designs shown are from our made to order range and come in 25 colours and around 30 door styles, which all included in the prices shown (prices do not include a gloss finish, but this is available).

We understand everyone’s kitchen is different and changes may need to be made. If you would like a design and quotation, bespoke to your room please email us your sizes and requirements to Or alternatively to book an appointment for us to measure your room please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

You should receive a reply within 48 hours.

Please click on each thumbnail to display a item list for each design.


      U Shaped Supply Only Kitchen


More coming soon!







Please be aware prices are current at the time of posting, prices may alter as appliance costs increase. We will however make you aware of this before ordering if this is the case.